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Our Inspiration

Prior to my dreams of launching a shoe line, I worked in the medical field as a registered nurse with the last years of my career being spent in orthopedics. As an orthopedic nurse I worked with numerous individuals plagued with troubled feet and observed many different measures taken to address problem areas. Many times, special orthotic shoes and inserts were used to support the feet and prevent overcrowding of the bones. I began to take note and wondered why subtle changes couldn’t be applied to all types of shoes in order to provide additional comfort.

My inspiration behind the company was to create shoes with all women in mind, even those who suffer from troubled feet. I have always struggled to find beautiful shoes that did not leave me agonizing after a few hours on my feet. Since my teens, I have had a bunion which makes it difficult to find proper fitting footwear. My struggle turned into a vision when a search to find comfortable, beautiful heels for my daughter’s wedding left me settling for a pair I could barely tolerate wearing on such a special occasion.

In 2010, I sought assistance and began to investigate concepts which led to the inception of Julie Lopez shoes and the patent-pending “Comfort Technology”. To assure all facets of my desired level of comfort were being met, it was apparent the shoes would need to be manufactured with the finest quality and craftsmanship available. This led to a soft launch of four different styles that were produced in Italy. The idea was to ensure the heels could be worn for extended periods of time and fit a variety of people, including those with troubled feet like me. Finally the vision of “Beautiful Heels Without the Pain” became a reality. Near the end of 2012, I hired an experienced team of managers and designers to assist me in expanding the Julie Lopez brand into a full scale line. Today, I remain totally devoted to investing my time and energy in the development of my luxury comfort footwear line and meeting the ever growing needs in the footwear market. The comfort of Julie Lopez shoes is wonderful! For women like me, the pain relief is unprecedented. I could not be more pleased and I am sure you will be in total agreement once you slip your foot into any of the Julie Lopez branded shoes!

Finally, beautiful heels without the pain!