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Comfortable Shoes for Women with Bunions

Comfortable Shoes for Women with Bunions

Comfort FIT Technology

It used to be that comfortable shoes for women with bunions only came in one style: boxy, low heels that were not attractive. Thank goodness those limited choices are now a thing of the past. Julie Lopez Shoes has come to the aid of women everywhere with their line of gorgeous heels made especially for women with foot problems. Developed by an orthopedic nurse and with the help of some of the best shoe designers in the business Julie Lopez Shoes are so attractive yet so comfortable you won't believe your eyes but you also won't believe your feet.

Julie Lopez Shoes look like top of the line heels -- and when Julie Lopez Shoes says "heels", they mean tall, sleek 4 inch heels with a generous 1/2 inch platform. They look like quality heels because that's what they are. But Julie Lopez Shoes hide a wonderful secret: they've been designed with patent pending "comfort technology" that makes them wearable, comfortable shoes for women with bunions. If you've ever suffered through hours of pain because traditional heels are too narrow and don't give your foot proper support, you'll love Julie Lopez Shoes.

The footwear you'll find at Julie Lopez Shoes is specialized, but that doesn't mean you need to have problems with your feet in order to enjoy and appreciate our heels. Women everywhere with or without bunions have realized that our shoes look good and feel great. They are comfortable shoes for women with bunions but women with no foot problems at all love wearing them, too. And who can blame them? When you find an attractive high heel that is as easy to wear as a pair of slippers, you want to wear them all day and into the night. Julie Lopez Shoes are beautiful heels without the pain... bunion shoes for women.