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Dress Shoes for Bunions

Dress Shoes for Bunions

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When you have foot problems it's impossible to find dress shoes for bunions. You want to wear a smart, sexy stiletto, but the pain and discomfort those sassy spiked heels cause isn't worth it. But neither is settling for a flat shoe that destroys the look of your new gown or chic pantsuit. It's that challenge that inspired Julie Lopez Shoes. When you need a sophisticated, high-heeled look, whether it's for a formal occasion or everyday business, we're the only Italian shoe store that can provide comfort along with style.

Italian-Crafted Dress Shoes for Bunions

Italy has long been known for their expert shoe cobblers, skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail and the exacting taste in high quality materials that are necessary when making the specialty shoes you'll find at Julie Lopez Shoes. Even before you slip on a pair of our dress shoes for bunions you know that these shoes are something special. Nowhere else can you find an attractive heel that will offer the comfort of Julie Lopez heels. We know once you try them, you'll want a shoe for every occasion, every outfit and that's why we have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

The ingenious design of all the shoes you'll find at Julie Lopez, is devised to alleviate pressure in the forefoot area, oftentimes the precise region where a traditional high heel will cause joint pain and irritate your bunions. We've added extra room and extra padding to accommodate your painful bunions without sacrificing the attractive design. If you thought you'd never again be wearing a 4 inch heel, think again. Julie Lopez Shoes brings comfort and elegance together to allow you to have the best of both worlds. All you need to do is try on one pair of Julie Lopez shoes and you'll be back for more.