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Italian High Heels

Italian High Heels

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Nothing is more elegant and stylish than Italian high heels. For centuries Italy has been known the world over for its craftsmen and its skill in producing the highest quality footwear. When Julie Lopez set out to create a specialty shoe for women with bunions, we knew we had to have them made in Italy. There's no other place on the planet where we could be assured of the three elements vital to producing the level of quality that our unique shoes needed: high quality materials, expert craftsmanship and an intense attention to detail.

The aspect that came as a pleasant surprise to us here at Julie Lopez Shoes is that, although we set out to make a beautiful dress shoe that could be worn comfortably by women who suffer from foot pain from bunions, we ended up with Italian high heels that can be worn comfortably by all women -- foot problems or not. We love being able to bring sophisticated, fashionable footwear to women and the fact that they choose to wear our shoes even if they don't have a medical need is a satisfying bonus to us.

The Most Comfortable Italian High Heels

If you have bunions and long ago gave up trying to make your normal high heels work, slip on a pair of chic, luxurious Julie Lopez shoes. You'll hardly be able to believe how comfortable they are. And after a full day of gliding about on pain-free feet, you might forget that these are specialty shoes -- particularly after all the compliments you'll get. Julie Lopez heels are designed and made with the idea in mind that there's no reason to settle for unattractive shoes just because you have a foot problem. Browse our selection of smart, stylish Italian high heels and step into stilettos again. Julie Lopez shoes are beautiful heels without the pain.