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Shoes for Bunions Women

Shoes for Bunions Women

Comfort FIT Technology

Throughout history when looking for shoes for bunions women have had to settle for shoes that offered comfort, but were unattractive at best. It is disheartening to have the perfect dress but not be able to complete the look with an attractive, towering pair of high heels. At Julie Lopez shoes, we know exactly how that feels and it is our opinion that you don't have to settle anymore. We have the collection of heels that are elegant, fashionable and comfortable besides. When did you ever think that you would find all of that in just one place, in just one shoe?

Shoes for Bunions Women - Extreme Comfort Heels

The secret to the comfort of our shoes is the patent pending technology we use to craft all of our stunning comfortable heels. Where in the past you may have made compromises, like ordering a half a size larger than you need in order to find heels that you could tolerate for just a few hours, with Julie Lopez Shoes you can go back to ordering your true size. We create shoes that will work with your feet, cushioning and protecting the area in your forefoot where your bunions are. The result is heels without the pain.

A wonderful surprise that came of designing fashionable shoes for bunions is women with or without bunions can wear them -- and they are striking enough that all women will want a pair of Julie Lopez shoes. We set out to make a high heeled shoe that looks amazing and feels as comfortable as a tennis shoe and we unintentionally created a comfortable designer shoe for all women. You know that if someone who doesn't have to wear our shoes still loves them for their classy, tasteful looks as well as how great they feel, you've found an amazing pair of shoes.