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Shoes for Women with Bunions

Shoes for Women with Bunions

Comfort FIT Technology

It used to be that shoes for women with bunions were low heeled, clunky orthopedic monstrosities. If you had a foot problem, you would have to make the choice between comfort and style. Thankfully, Julie Lopez Shoes has come to the rescue, creating fashionable, attractive, quality high heel shoes made especially to accommodate ladies with bunions. Just taking a look around our site at the selection of eye catching heels, you'll find it hard to believe that they can be comfortable. With a towering four inch heel and a 1/2 inch platform, Julie Lopez Shoes are the epitome of style, yet they hide the secret of comfort technology.

Shoes for Women With Bunions

It was founder Julie Lopez's dissatisfaction with the choices available in shoes for women with bunions that led to the creation of these comfortable Italian made heels that are entirely pain free. Her design is so original, the technology so unique that it is patent pending. Julie Lopez Shoes places this innovative pain and pressure relieving technology in the area of the shoe that corresponds with the bunion. It works to alleviate pressure and eliminate inflammation of the joint. In addition, we add a liberal amount of padding in the front of our shoes for some extra shock absorption.

If you have given up on beautiful shoes in chic styles because of your painful bunions, you must give these comfortable high heels a try. Julie Lopez shoes goes the extra mile in putting together shoes for women with bunions. We use only the best, highest quality materials to produce shoes that are flexible, supportive and just plain gorgeous. You shouldn't have to choose between looking good and feeling good. You can have both when you stock your shoe tree with shoes from Julie Lopez shoes. We guarantee you beautiful heels without the pain.