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Wide shoes for Women with Bunions

Wide shoes for Women with Bunions

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Why is it that wide shoes for women with bunions have to look like a chunky, blocky shoe? Something "sturdy" and utilitarian? Since there's no written law saying it has to be that way, at Julie Lopez Shoes we've taken the liberty of revolutionizing women's heels to bring you the most comfortable, most attractive true "high" heels you've ever seen AND you can wear them even if you have bunions. We know, it seems too good to be true, but we promise that it isn't.

At Julie Lopez Shoes we know how difficult it can be to find a shoe you can wear, and that's even if you're not trying to find an attractive shoe. You might be able to get through normal life with typical wide shoes for women with bunions but what do you do for special occasions? We don't think you should have to settle for anything less than the best and that's why we've made it our business to create stunning high heels that fit well and comfortably on women of all foot-types, even those who have problems with bunions. Our bunion shoes for women are both comfortable and stylish.

Wide Shoes for Women with Bunions - Stylish

Our secret is extra room in the forefoot area of the shoe as well as extra cushion and support that makes for a shoe that won't put extra pressure on your feet. How do they look? See for yourself. Browse the generous selection of styles and colors we have available. You'll be amazed that we've been able to make wide shoes for women with bunions so attractive. You've probably given up on being able to wear a high heel, even if only rarely. But with Julie Lopez Shoes, you'll soon be wearing heels on a daily basis again. Our shoes are so attractive and so comfortable you'll want to wear them everywhere.