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Italian Heels Shoes

Italian Heels Shoes

Comfort FIT Technology

Are you a woman who prefers the stylish look and sophistication of a high heeled shoe, but you don't like the pain they cause when you have to spend the entire day on your feet? If you are looking for Italian high heels, shoes designed by Julie Lopez , founder and CEO of Julie Lopez shoes, are exactly what you need. Julie Lopez Shoes are so comfortable that they are very popular among female customers living with bunions. If you are currently living with bunions, you know that they can often times be so severe that you cannot walk comfortably in normal shoes. The skin and deeper tissue surrounding the bunion often become swollen, making it impossible and painful to cram your foot into an already painful high heeled shoe. Why go through all of this pain and hassle if you don't have to? The Julie Lopez line carries Italian heels, shoes that give you adequate room and support, to keep you comfortable and happy throughout your day.

You may be wondering how Julie Lopez Shoes are many different from other shoes that promise to be comfortable and alleviate pain. There are many features that make Julie Lopez Shoes unique. For one, special attention is given to the vamp of the shoe to help eliminate pressure. The patient-pending technology in the forefoot area helps decrease painful joint inflammation as well. The 3mm of padding added in the forefoot region gives the foot space to lie comfortably, in a natural position. Each pair is also made with shock absorption capabilities, helping to improve your overall posture and body comfort. Each pair is designed to move, breathe, and contour to the curves of you individual foot.

If you are unwilling to sacrifice style for comfort, Italian heels, shoes of all styles, and other footwear can be hard to come by. With Julie Lopez Shoes, you get a great selection of footwear that will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish.