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Italian High Heels Shoes

Italian High Heels Shoes

Comfort FIT Technology

You know you get quality with Italian high heels shoes that are made from top of the line leather and by craftsmen who take pride in their work. But even a shoe made by experts and from superior materials won't be comfortable if the design doesn't work with your foot. At Julie Lopez shoes we know it can be frustrating to pay top dollar for a shoe that looks incredible only to find that it aggravates your bunions. That's why we started where the others left off. Our shoes are handcrafted in Italy using the best leather available, but we go one step further.

The secret to the unbelievable comfort in Julie Lopez Shoes is in our ingenious design. Our Italian high heels are shoes that boast a patent pending "comfort technology" that sets us apart from any other shoe you've ever worn. We place more padding right where you need it and give you a bit of extra room where it counts to alleviate pressure on the joints in your foot. But that all goes on inside your shoe and only you know that it's been specially designed to allow you to wear beautiful heels without suffering.

From the outside Julie Lopez Shoes just look like fabulous Italian high heels shoes. The heel is a lofty 4 inches and the shape is sleek and attractive. No more low-heeled, boxy shoes for you. Now that you have Julie Lopez Shoes as a resource you'll always have just the right pair of shoes for any occasion from work to formal to fun. Yep, we said fun. We know you've long ago given up on the idea of wearing heels for fun but once you try on a pair of Julie Lopez Shoes you'll be wearing heels with every outfit you own.